Frequent Questions

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● What differences and advantages do you have comparing to standard banks?
● What your company's activity is all about?
● Regular banks permit to withdraw money only after few months. When will I get my first accruals and when will I be able to withdraw them?
● How you're able to generate such high interest rate that significantly exceeds the rates offered by regular banks?
● What's the risk level in Solid Trade Bank?
● I've never took part in investment programs, how can I start investing and where do I begin?
● Who are your clients? Can I join your program if I live in a different country?
● What should I do in order to become a member of Solid Trade Bank?
● My friend/ colleague/ member of my family wants to make an investment too. Is he allowed to make it using my computer?
● Which payment processors do you accept for investing?
● When will my deposit be added to my account balance?
● Do you have any limitations on number of deposits made in the same time?
● Do I need to pay some fees for crediting/ withdrawing money in Solid Trade Bank?
● I want to invest $XXX in Solid Trade Bank. How much will I get after the expiry of the first investment period?
● I made a deposit, but I don't see funds being credited on my account balance in "My deposits" section. What should I do?
● Is it possible to make an investment from my account balance and not by crediting money from my e-wallet?
● Do you have any limitations regarding funds withdrawal and are there any fees for withdrawals applied?
● How long does it take to transfer the funds on my electronic wallet after I made a withdrawal request?
● Can I apply for a job in Solid Trade Bank? Do you have any job offers?
● Does Solid Trade Bank offer some affiliate program for its members?
● Is it necessary to have an active deposit in order to receive referral commission accruals?
● How well is your website protected?
● What should I do if I haven't encountered here an answer for my question?

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