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You don't have an upline.

Solid Trade Bank takes care that each of the members of our company, no matter whether he made a deposit or just was an active member, gets his revenues.

Everybody has an unique opportunity to receive high monthly profits, even without making his own contribution or investing his own money. Besides an ordinary referral commissions, our active members will get additional bonuses.

STB's partner relations department is developing new affiliate strategies aimed at expansion of the affiliate infrastructure.
There was introduced an extended affiliate program consisting of 3 levels.
Affiliate reward on the first level was quadrupled comparing to standard values and will be 2.0% from the deposit of your direct referral.
Additional 2nd level affiliate reward was 1.0% from the deposit amount of your 2nd level referral.
Additional 3rd level affiliate reward was 0.5% from the deposit amount of your 3rd level referral.




The Limited Time extended affiliate program is going to be applied for all investment options at SolidTradeBank corporate group**. Those users who demonstrate proactive referral activity will be added to the priority lists and later will be offered custom affiliate rewards.

** Deposit must be made directly through external wallet, not account balance.

0.5% 2% 0.5% 2%
0.5%,  1%,  2%
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You can receive a significant profit without spending a single cent by promoting your referral link across the Internet and also increase your current income while having an active deposit. Here are the methods you can use for your affiliate activity:

1. Email sending. Invite your friends and relatives by sending them your referral link
2. Forums. Post your link in some discussion or have your reflink attached to your profile as a signature
3. Social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram for attracting more people to our project
4. Video hostings. Make your own video and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.
5. IRC. Use Viber, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype
6. Post a review for our program at your personal blog

*Keep in mind, that site administration does not tolerate spamming as an appropriate promotional method.


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