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2022, Apr 28 Revolving Plans
2022, Mar 31 New Branch & SSL
2022, Feb 01 New Payment Options
2021, Dec 31 STB in 2013-2033
2020, May 12 Payeer News
2019, Jun 01 On Recent Updates


2022, May 17

Online Chat & Support

Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!

To enhance the quality of user experience, we are pleased to introduce the following customer services:

☑ Online Chat
☑ Ticket Support

Online chat feature allows customers to easily contact us regarding any questions or issues.
The support team will solve customers’ problems as quickly as possible.

In addition, Solid Trade Bank opens a Support Ticket Center where you can ask questions and get more detailed answers:

Quick update:
Recent optimizing of the REVOLVING plan series made possible to reduce the availability period of each coin from 3 days to 2 days, which means that now users have to wait less for their preferred payment method.

2022, May 10

STB official Telegram channel

Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!

STB always strives to improve its relations with customers and is happy to announce that STB media center has already created official company channels on social media for keeping the clients up to date regarding the company's current state and events.

Now all current updates are published at the official News section:

And on STB official Telegram channel:

Currently it is the main and the exlusive official STB channel on Telegram. There are no other channels or groups affiliated with the company.

There are plans to add other social networks for informing users about upcoming events and exclusive offers at STB.

2022, April 28

Revolving Plans

Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!

STB financial department is examining new investment opportunities, especially for increasing end-user profitability. New, more advantageous offers have become possible due to a balanced deposit distribution for all payment methods.

As a first step towards new investment offers, STB introduces REVOLVING plan series that allow investing using a single payment method at a time and this payment method will be available for 3 days only. After that, another payment method becomes available for depositing. The entire cycle of rotating payment methods is 39 days and the final 3 days of the cycle open the option to use all payment methods at the same time. After that, the cycle resets and everything starts again.

STB Research and Development team is working on new user-friendly menus and more informative interface.

STB media center is currently creating official company channels on social media for keeping our clients up to date regarding company's current state. Until then, all current updates are published exclusively on our official News section

2022, March 31

New Zealand branch & Extended SSL

Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!

According to the STB development strategy published by CEO of SolidTradeBank Federic Michael,

STB raises the level of security regarding authorized access to stored funds

and also

expands the company by opening new branch offices across financially active jurisdictions.

Recently the company succeeded in performing the following actions:

A new legal entity SOLID TRADE GROUP LIMITED has been registered in New Zealand featuring these credentials:
☑ Company number: 8304960
☑ NZBN: 9429050301294.
☑ Office Addresses: 501 Karangahape Road, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1010, NZ
For further details relating to this company, check

STB website has been updated with a new
☑ Extended SSL certificate provided by DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA
for 2 years that expires on 29/04/2023.

☑ Documents:
Certificate of Incorporation
Company Extract

2022, February 01

New Payment Options

Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!

SolidTradebank stops working with payment system PerfectMoney

All STB clients can exchange their Perfect Money funds to USDT (TRC20) at 1:1 rate with 0% fee,
exchange page.

According to the STB development strategy published by CEO of SolidTradeBank Federic Michael, adding popular crypto payment methods is one of top priorities of STB for 2022-2024.

STB announces the support of 11 new payment methods: BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, USDT (TRC20), USDT (ERC20), DOGE, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH.

2021, December 31

SolidTradeBank 2013 - 2033
Dear customers of SolidTradeBank corporate group!

Another year is coming to an end, another year that we can call a year of achievements, prosperity and mutually beneficial cooperation.
2023 will mark a 10th anniversary of SolidTradeBank going online. In those 10 years many already had kids and even sent them to school. Some even lost someone in that period. Life goes on and so do we.
We've come a long way together and we still have more to go. We are thankful to all our clients and partners for those long years of cooperation that will bring more productive results. Now we'd like to take a moment to look back on the current achievements and then share with you corporate plans for the future.

- SolidTradeBank goes online and starts providing services through Internet

- STB website introduces a customer interface 1.0

- Market research and analysis. Development of profitable investment strategies

- Close cooperation with corporate partners for providing better user experience

- Updating STB website's user interface

- Modernization of STB web platform and website's script

- Updating current catalog of investment offers

- A thorough engineering of security protocols for the safety of investments

- Preliminary work on registering new STB offices across financially active jurisdictions

- Implementing cryprocurrencies for depositing and withdrawals

- Expanding STB staff and line personnel

- Addition of new supported payment methods

- Considering of widening current investment plans' catalog

- Development of STB corporate mobile application

- Opening new STB offices across financially active jurisdictions

- Provision of deposit certificates to the customers


- New, more user-friendly UI

- Running a large scale media promotion for STB in Internet

- Growing STB personnel in all offices

- Arrangement of online conferences

- Working in area of blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange

- Expansion of STB's offline activities

- A large scale media promotion for STB over traditional media, including press, TV and radio

- Opening more regional offices

- Launch of regional STB websites

- Diversification of STB's activities

- A large scale media promotion for STB over traditional media, including press, TV and radio

We set our goals for the future and assure you that SolidTradeBank will keep evolving and bringing more profits for its clients and partners.

Federic Michael, CEO of SolidTradeBank

2020, May 12

Regarding Payment Methods Used at STB
Exchange is available

- All users of SolidTradeBank who have Payeer at their account balance can exchange these funds to Perfect Money at 1:1 ratio. In order to perform such exchange, please login and go to this page:

- Recently there was posted some info that Perfect Money can increase its service fee for commercial entities. As of now, SolidTradeBank did not receive any messages from Perfect Money regarding this matter and our payments keep working as usually.

- Our company is considering adding stablecoins as an alternative payment methods instead of using Payeer and Perfect Money.
We will inform you once there are any updates.

2020, May 12

Payeer News
SolidTradebank stops working with payment system Payeer

Payeer ceased working with investment platforms, which means that SolidTradeBank cannot use Payeer any longer. All Payeer-related deposit and withdrawal operations are stopped.

All our clients can exchange or withdraw their Payeer funds using Perfect Money without any fees.

2019, June 1

On Recent Updates
Dear members of Solid Trade Bank!

Since 2013 our clients keep getting their profit on a regular basis with no delays whatsoever. With each passing year the number of our customers keeps growing day after day. We believe that stability and traditions are the sure way to do business in our domain, that's why we stick to using a conservative approach.

Our commitment to careful financial management, and high quality personal service has never wavered. We focus on providing our customers with the most profitable and the safest services on the market. That is why the time has come now to upgrade our website management protocol to the latest and safest version which will improve a system security along with security of customers' funds.

At the same time we have updated the overall look of our online platform. In addition to improved navigation the website has received a version adapted for modern mobile devices. In the meantime the principles of our work, payout schedule and working hours remain the same. There are going to be made few small modifications to investment packages that will not affect our working process.

When the business is based on a mutual respect and trust relationship, Solid Trade Bank never betrays the expectations of its customers and it is obvious why our company today is one of the highest rated and most successful financial programs on the market.

In these uncertain times, we are truly thankful to our partners that keep working with us since 2013 and we absolutely guarantee that we will go on doing our best in order to keep your profits stable as ever!

On behalf of entire Solid Trade Bank company we wish you success and prosperity.

Thank you for being with us all these years. Our journey has just begun and we look forward to building a relationship and providing you with all your future banking needs!