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Before contacting our support department please make sure an answer to your question doesn't exist in our knowledge base. Most likely it's only one click away.

  • What differences and advantages do you have comparing to standard banks?

    Our revolutionary system has no bureaucratic barriers or tax fees. The procedures of registration, funds adding and money withdrawal are simple and clear for everyone. Levels of interest rate and data security in Solid Trade Bank are way higher than in any other banks from all over the world.

  • What your company activity is all about?

    Solid Trade Bank is a financial entity composed of a few independent subdivisions. Our primary activity is, of course, banking. We use a cross-insurance strategy that allows us to offer to our clients an interest rate rather higher than any standard banks. More details on our profile domains and a cross-insurance mechanism you can read HERE

  • Regular banks permit to withdraw money only after few months. When will I get my first accruals and when will I be able to withdraw them?

    Solid Trade Bank works on business days only, the accruals will be credited on your account balance right on the next business day after you've made a deposit and you'll be able to withdraw them right away.

  • How you are able to generate such high interest rate that significantly exceeds the rates offered by regular banks?

    Solid Trade Bank is a team of the best professionals in the domains of foreign exchange, real estate traders, insurance and banking. Many years of experience and mixed strategies of re-investments today result in offering the interest rates that really exceed the ones proposed by regular banks. As we use a strategy of diversifying, we are able to minimize any possible risks to a safe level.

  • What is the risk level in Solid Trade Bank?

    The very investment activity implies a certain risk. Solid Trade Bank market analysts have developed and implemented some strategies intended for reducing risk level. There are two more mechanisms that allow Solid Trade Bank to keep funds of our clients safe: a cross-insurance system and an investment diversification method.

  • I have never participated in investment programs, how can I start investing and where do I begin?

    Go to our "Guide" page and read the information for beginners.

  • Who are your clients? Can I join your program if I live in a different country?

    Our clients are both individuals and companies, including large corporations from all over the world. The unique feature of Hong Kong legal regulations is that anyone can become our client, regardless of his or her citizenship.

  • What should I do in order to become a member of Solid Trade Bank?

    Just go to "Register" page and fill in the registration form. After getting a system message at your mailbox you can enter your account.

  • My friend/ colleague/ member of my family wants to make an investment too. Is he allowed to make it using my computer?

    Yes, your friends and family members can use your computer and even create their own personal accounts using the same IP address.

  • What payment processors do you accept for investing?

    We accept for investing and withdrawal the following payment methods: Perfect Money and Payeer and soon we will enable using BTC. Besides of the methods indicated above, you can also make a deposit using Bank Wire, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Visa, and Mastercard.

  • When will my deposit be added to my account balance?

    In most cases your account balance is updated instantly just as you credit the funds into our system.

  • Do you have any limitations on number of deposits made at the same time?

    No, you can make any number of deposits, because all your investments are processed separately.

  • Do I need to pay certain fees for crediting/ withdrawing money in Solid Trade Bank?

    No, we do not apply any fees regarding any customer's activity. You aren't obliged to pay any tax fees here either.

  • I want to invest $XXX in Solid Trade Bank. How much will I get after the expiry of the investment period?

    Please, go to "Make a deposit" section of your client area, where the investor's calculator is located. Use it to calculate the amount of your future profit.

  • I made a deposit, but I don't see funds being credited on my account balance in "My deposits" section. What should I do?

    Please, send a message to the Solid Trade Bank customer support service and indicate the following data: - your username; - type of e-currency that you've just used for this transaction (Perfect Money, Payeer etc.) - amount of your deposit and transaction batch ID.

  • Is it possible to make an investment from my account balance and not by crediting money from my e-wallet?

    Sure. To do this you should to select "Pay from Solid Trade Bank account balance" option while making a deposit.

  • Do you have any limitations regarding funds withdrawal and are there any withdrawal fees applied?

    You can request any amount for withdrawal provided you have enough funds at your account balance. All deposits/ withdrawals are strictly anonymous and free of any fees.

  • How long does it take to transfer the funds to my electronic wallet after I made a withdrawal request?

    Funds withdrawal process is made within 1-48 hours after getting a request. Remember though that Solid Trade Bank works on business days only.

  • Can I apply for a job in Solid Trade Bank? Do you have any job offers?

    Yes, we are interested in recruiting our clients as regional representatives. Please, contact our customer support assistant in order to get details on this subject.

  • Does Solid Trade Bank offer an affiliate program to its members?

    Just like any other financial entities, Solid Trade Bank has an affiliate program. Please, register an account to get access to this feature.

  • Is it necessary to have an active deposit in order to receive referral commission accruals?

    No, you just need to register an account, specify your e-wallet IDs and promote Solid Trade Bank using your personal referral link.

  • How well is your website protected?

    Safety of our clients is one of the most important aspects of the Solid Trade Bank's activity. Our official website has a DDoS protection against any kinds of hacker intrusions. Our connections have a SSL encryption. All other security measures you can set at your own will in the "Account settings" area, including IP change alert etc.

  • What should I do if I haven't encountered here an answer for my question?

    Just contact our Customer Support Service and send your question them.